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Just for Non-Profit

Just for Non-Profit

It takes significant resources to run a non-profit or trade association.  You rely primarily on volunteers with big hearts and great passion, but very little extra time.  Initiatives lose steam or barely get off the ground.  You are swimming in a sea of details, emails and lost opportunities.  Year after year, you feel like it is impossible to move forward and achieve your mission. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The team at We Spark Growth understands that the key to moving forward is knowing that all those details are organized and acted upon. We take the burden of day to day tasks and turn them into opportunities for you and your constituents to make a greater impact.


Engaged Volunteers

Improve volunteer retention and board engagement. Over time working board members burn out, leaving unfinished initiatives, conflict or attrition of great people.

Spectacular Events

Great events create excitement, drive donors and sponsors to give and provide an avenue to network. 

Mission Driven

Increase donor and member connections and achieve your goals faster with enhanced member engagement programs.


Good governance is the key responsibility of board members and good infrastructure and controls ensure board members meet their fiduciary responsibility.

Every business should have excellent financial books and access to information that will help them make good business decisions.  But most shouldn’t be doing it themselves. Let us breathe life into your books.

At We Spark Growth, our team is your team.
We will:

  • Set-up your accounting system in QuickBooks and ensure that activity is properly mapped to correct accounts.
  • Clean-up your books so that you can send them to your CPA to prepare your taxes.
  • Create and mail customer invoices
  • Manage accounts payable, process vendor payments and pay bills
  • Create a statement of cash flows and make recommendations for payments and collections
  • Reconcile bank and credit card statements
  • Monitor for unusual activity and fraud
  • Prepare financial reports including Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Prepare budgets
  • Review financial statements
  • Financial analysis and specialty report creation
  • CFO Advisory and Consulting Services

Nonprofit fundraising events are a great way to cultivate support and attract new sponsors and members. But great events take a lot of planning, financial support and hard work. Before securing that banquet hall or scheduling those venue times, let us help you create a plan that will help you organize, market and stage your event.

  1. Set a goal that makes sense.
  2. Set up the event right from the beginning to reflect your audience or demographic:
    • Your brand and mission
    • Your goal
    • Your budget
    • Your available time
    • Your expertise
    • Your staff and volunteers
  3. Secure corporate sponsors.  You need to define your value so you can clearly communicate why your organization is a good fit.
  4. Design a dynamic experience for your supporters
    • Invite the right people.
    • Pay attention to your invitation.
    • Go green! Paperless on-line ticketing.
    • Solicit additional donations from both attendees and non-attendees.
    • Encourage ticket buyers to spread the word – let them easily share the event with Facebook buttons or tweets.
    • Thank your supporters immediately.
  5. Promote the heck out of your event using your website, social media, email and print.
  6. Assess your results and cultivate your relationships.  After the event, make sure you thank your supporters and cultivate new donors and provide event attendees with additional opportunities to connect to and support your cause.

One of the simplest ways to become more efficient in your business is to get help on the most common business tasks. Our team has the skills to tackle those tasks and provide you with the time to spend on more important things.

  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service
  • Processing of applications or other paperwork
  • Organizing electronic or paper files
  • Ordering supplies
  • Inventory Management
  • Scheduling

We Spark Growth gives you access to the marketing skills you need but without the fixed overhead cost of employing someone in-house. You have the flexibility to use experienced marketing talent with a wide range of capabilities when you need them and not when you don’t.

By outsourcing your marketing, you deal with one service provider who manages the rest.  A highly skilled, tailored marketing team is created for your business.

We really listen.  You will gain fresh ideas and an unbiased viewpoint. We have no vested interest, apart from contributing to your success.

Do you have a gap in your marketing processes because you just don’t want to enter another business card or send out another email blast? Let our team of administrative and marketing professionals get you organized and on a schedule. Not only will you have a clear and consistent marketing process, everything will be beautifully designed.

Here is just some of the activities we can perform for you:

  • Website Design
  • Posting, updating and creating social media posts
  • Designing and sending email blasts, letters or other follow-up to keep your lead generation humming.
  • Creating templates and updating presentations in Power Point or other program
  • Update your database with business cards, changes or notes.
  • Much more!