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From coffee shop owners to photographers, we see a variety of small business owners come through the We Spark Growth doors with a familiar set of concerns. We are quick to help any client resolve these issues because we know how serious the consequences can be for his/her business.

Often, the owner will confess these concerns have played a significant role in keeping him/her lying awake at night –struggling to fall asleep. In a more severe case, these issues may cause the owner to wake abruptly in a panic. Such stress profoundly affects the owner’s ability to run his/her business. We like to say they are “caught up in the business of business.” In other words, stuck working in their business, rather than on their business and thus removed from their entrepreneurial passion and inspiration.

Here are those three most common concerns costing small business owners sleep:

  1. “I Just Don’t Have Enough Time”

We see many small business owners worrying about their ability to fill multiple roles within their business. They frequently spend excessive time bookkeeping, accounting, and performing other operational tasks. In short, they try to both lead the business forward and run it at a base level. This practice leads to an unending stream of urgent items flooding their task list and drowning them in responsibility. They have so much on their plate that they find themselves wondering if they remembered to submit payroll or if they missed the tax deadline. When business owners come to us, we take over the day-to-day duties that drain time away from growing business.

  1. “I Can’t Do This By Myself Anymore”

Whether it’s finding the right employees or keeping them, owners worry that they don’t have the right team behind them. Many small business owners lack the time and money required to find and train qualified candidates. On top of this, if an essential employee unexpectedly departs, the business is left to begin the hiring process anew while scrambling to cover their bases.

Clients who make the decision to outsource work to We Spark Growth avoid these hiring costs. It also means that with our expert knowledge and experience, projects get completed faster and better without the heavy cost of training. Our team becomes your team so you can confidently get where you want to go.

  1. “How Do I Grow My Business?”

It’s difficult for owners to focus their attention on growth when they spend most of their time working in their business rather than on their business. Lost in the weeds, owners no longer spend time developing innovative ideas; instead they lie awake at night worrying about whether their business will run out of money if the economy shifts. Though they are aware of the need to increase cash flow, their lack of confidence stunts their ability to find new customers. This paralysis can be common and we love watching owners rediscover their time and inspiration once we take over the accounting or bookkeeping duties.

Take Back Your Nights

Do any of these late-night worries sound familiar to you? If these thoughts plague your sleep quality, remember that this is something you can change –and we can help. You don’t need to lose sleep over cash flow, bookkeeping, payroll, and hiring. The business of business shouldn’t pull you away from your inspiration. You are the centerpiece of your business; it’s your passion that drives it, which makes you instrumental to its success. Your late-night anxieties may be crippling you and your business.

Buffie Blesi Speaking on stage (right)

On August 10th at the James J. Hill Center, our CEO and Founder, Buffie Blesi, stood on a panel of honored women leaders to discuss “Taking the Lead: Financials of a Business.” Her expertise and experience in the field of finance make her an important resource for any small business looking to increase financial literacy and spark growth. Give us a call, we are happy to set up a free consultation that will start you on your way to putting those worries to rest. Buffie Blesi and the WSG team will help ensure you have the healthy financial fundamentals you need to run a successful business.

On the way to reclaiming your restful night’s sleep, don’t forget to join the WSG 90-Day Boost Your Business and Your Health Challenge. If you’re not healthy, your business will suffer. And a lack of sleep is definitely not healthy. Each week the challenge concentrates on a theme that emphasizes an important aspect of your business or your health. We post simple daily and weekly goals that help keep the challenge manageable. Don’t forget, we’re doing it too!

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You can get your business back on track and we’re here to help with an experienced team of CFOs, accountants, and Buffie Blesi on standby. Before you know it, you’ll be well along the road to sparking growth.