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I’m afraid the prognosis is quite serious. Without treatment, you should expect to experience sluggish profits, strained payroll, irregular cash flow, sleep loss, and eventually the worst of all –business death. 9 out of 10 businesses never make it to their 10th year anniversary and Founder’s Fatigue is the leading cause. It’s a slow-moving disease that often goes unnoticed as it quietly, but surely, tears you and your business apart.

Do not despair, there is still hope! With the right course of action, we’re confident you can make a full recovery.

So what exactly is Founder’s Fatigue? It can be quite tricky to diagnose as it takes on many forms and the symptoms very widely from case to case. Yours could be a mild one – easily cured with a few adjustments – or it could require more serious attention. Either way, there are a few tell-tale signs that Founder’s Fatigue is wreaking havoc on your business at this very moment.

We have compiled a list of the most prominent and deadly symptoms. If you experience 2 or more of the following on a regular basis, seek help immediately!


You’re Tired – Constantly

This is more than not getting enough sleep. This is the result of inflammation around the scope of your responsibility. The result: an inability to regenerate energy. Over time, a chronic detachment from the work that energizes you will turn your lack of energy into physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion.


You Never Take a Break

Although you’re burnt out at the end of a long day, you hold yourself accountable for so much that you find anxious thoughts of payroll, cash flow, or lackluster sales keep you up at night. The resulting sleep deficiency means you’re more likely to make a mistake or have trouble problem solving and concentrating.


You Wear Rose Colored Glasses

One symptom that comes from skipping breaks is known as the “Rose Colored Glasses Syndrome.” This syndrome amounts to a lack of vision that results in chronic arrested development. You waste too much time on antiquated systems and products. All the while you remain convinced that everything is perfect on your side; it’s everyone else with the problems.


You Feel Ineffective

A subset to the Rose Colored Glasses Syndrome, innovation Anemia, is a symptom of innovation deficiency. You are so caught up in the day-to-day that you never find time to look at the big picture. Those that let the anemia take hold will be left in the dust. Vigilance is critical when it comes to this symptom. It is known to gradually develop within businesses and leave little-to-no surface trace.


You’re a Micromanaging Martyr

One of the most dangerous symptoms is the unrelenting urge to micromanage. Sufferers frequently forego delegation and opt to work extra hours completing projects they believe no one else will do the “right way.” You will likely feel angry, argumentative, and look to place blame for imperfectly completed tasks. In the grip of this symptom, you become a martyr when you ultimately swoop in to take on a project you assume your employees “don’t get.”


You Feel Detached

A feeling of detachment is indicative of a special strain of heart failure. Maybe you woke up one morning and found that your heart no longer beat as strongly for your business as it once did. It might feel as though you’re waiting for a payoff that never comes. You might even feel such a lack of purpose that a defibrillator sounds like the only way to bring back the spark.


So, what’s the answer?

How can you beat Founder’s Fatigue? The prognosis might seem grim but don’t worry, treatment is available!

We see bad cases of Founder’s Fatigue every day at We Spark Growth. That’s part of what inspired us to develop a plan to help you (and business owners like you) prevent and cure Founder’s Fatigue. We call it “The WSG 90 Day Challenge.” We’re not only challenging you, we’re challenging ourselves to improve the health of our businesses. The challenge begins August 1st. To join us, follow our We Spark Growth Facebook page and keep an eye out for updates.

Too many business owners ignore the signs of Founder’s Fatigue until it is too late. Those businesses are part of the 90% that fail to make it to their 10th year anniversary. We choose to challenge those statistics, challenge ourselves, and challenge you.


See you at the starting line on August 1st!


Don’t forget to bring your game face.