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Over the course of running a business, many owners begin to lose their passion. Complacency settles in, sometimes resulting in closing down shop. If you ask successful business owners their secret recipe, many will tell you that you need to do something you love and have passion for it. I am somewhat skeptical of the word “passion” because of its fleeting nature, but I do believe strongly in having a purpose and a belief system that carries through to your business. Whatever you call it, if your business is going to succeed, you need to find a good reason for it to do so.

 Here are 3 steps to reignite your passion and keep the flame glowing for a real long time:

  1. Step away from your business and look at it from the outside. What was the catalyst that brought you to starting the business in the first place? If you inherited it, what made you decide to run it yourself? Why do this at all when you could be doing something else? Take the time to really evaluate your motives and question the status quo. When you get reacquainted with the reasons your business exists, you establish new connections to your mission and provide a clearer path to growth.
  2. Separate “what” your business does from “why” you are in business. It seems that many business owners believe their passion lies in what they do and sell. If you own a salon because you have an amazing gift to create masterpiece hairstyles, but you aren’t really interested in doing it anymore, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be successful salon owner. A business can just be a tool to help you achieve bigger things. Do you want to create something new or is there something else you always wanted to do? Is there a cause that is near and dear to your heart? If you had the means, would you set out to create social change? Decide what is important to you and use the business to help you get it.
  3. Consider Becoming a Social Entrepreneur. Throughout Minnesota, the nation and the world, a not so quiet revolution is going on. Entrepreneurs are developing or transforming their business ventures into sustainable social enterprises. Instead of seeking profits for profits sake, a social entrepreneur is primarily dedicated to creating social change and social value through for-profit activities. There are thousands of ways to set your business up to be sustainable. Everything from using some of your profits to fund a socially conscious initiative to utilizing and incorporating sustainable business practices. 

Are you curious about what being a social entrepreneur is all about? If you are looking to gain a new-found energy and passion for your business, building it around a cause that you and your team can be excited about can improve your motivation, help you recruit and retain engaged employees and improve your profitability.