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Bringing Value to the Twin Cities Women’s Expo Stage

As we change, so does the world. As we empower each other, we ourselves are enriched and enlightened. The Women’s Expo provides the opportunity for women from all walks of life to meet, be entertained, learn something new, engage in community and be inspired to reach...

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 Twin Cities Women’s Expo Under New Leadership March 24, 2018 event will be the first under the leadership of Buffie Blesi  NEWS PROVIDED BY Twin Cities Women's Expo Jan 31, 2018, 15:52 ET Minneapolis, MN,...

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4 Ways To Improve Accounts Payable

It's easy for small businesses to focus on core activities and overlook the importance of accounts payable. While your method of managing accounts payable won’t in itself distinguish you from competitors, it is well worth it to identify and implement ways to optimize...

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How to Stay Educated: Tips for Small Business Owners

It’s true; learning is rarely fun or easy. Though for small business owners, it’s absolutely essential to stay sharp on subjects such as financial fundamentals, regulations, and new technology. Even though an owner’s level of knowledge has a direct effect on the...

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3 Biggest Reasons to Outsource your Payroll Now

"I didn’t sign up for this!” is an expression we see frequently from entrepreneurs with rapidly growing businesses. It can be frustrating and challenging for small business owners to keep up with the increasing responsibility of non-core business duties such as...

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5 Ways To Keep Your Head Above Cash Flow

Good afternoon captains of small business; we would like to direct your attention to the ensuing content of this post, as we demonstrate the proper safety procedures in the event that cash flow overcomes your business boat.   When you are faced with an out of...

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How To Stay Active Even If You’re Always Busy

Last week for the WSG 90 Day Boost Your Business and Your Health Challenge, we compiled a list of healthy on-the-go recipes. This week, we’re bringing you some tips for getting exercise on-the-go. Exercise helps stimulate thoughts, ideas, and even helps you sleep...

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Healthy On-The-Go Snacks, Perfect For Any Busy Boss

  As a business owner, you’re constantly pulled in a multitude of directions. You spend the day running from meeting to meeting, filling in for absent employees, and navigating around unexpected obstacles. The rush might leave you without a lot of time left to...

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How Business Owners Can Learn From The State Fair

How do you think the Minnesota State Fair became the largest State Fair (by average daily attendance) in the United States? To celebrate the opening week of the fair, we’re serving up some hot State Fair business strategy –on a stick. So before you run off to enjoy a...

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