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You have FOES that you’re dealing with every day.

You started a company because you knew you were great at doing something and you loved doing it. You gained customers and, all of a sudden, you notice that you are having to deal with a lot of things that get in the way of you loving your business – your FOES! Finance, Operations, Employees and Sales.

Unless you’re an unusual entrepreneur / small business owner, you aren’t as good at managing your FOES as you are at doing what you’re passionate about. This puts you in pretty good company, because you’re the same as almost every other entrepreneur, regardless of your industry. Most entrepreneurs will “put off until tomorrow” managing their FOES.

Don’t! Embrace your FOES.

You’ll be able to run a much better business and, ultimately, get back to what you’re passionate about. You know that these areas have to be managed for your business to thrive. If you can’t or don’t want to manage them, connect with someone who does.

You’ll be able to know that these functions are under control without you having to control them. Once done, you’re back to doing what you love and working on what you’re passionate about.

Your life, overall, will benefit in a big way from this simple move.