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AccountingYou started a business to live your passion, it was successful beyond your wildest dreams and all of a sudden you were faced with problems in finance, human resources and operations. It took some time, but you (with back office help) were able to get everything back in line and now you are enjoying your business and being an entrepreneur again.

Your goals likely remain the same as the day you started your small business: Happy customers, engaged employees and satisfaction as an entrepreneur. If you’re back on track and these three are happening, don’t adjust the formula for success thinking this will help even more or get you to where you want to be sooner. It won’t!

Success in your small business is a lot like a long road trip. Your business and its growth is about the journey, not a desired destination. You care about the future of your business, so much so that worrying or being too excitable may keep your windshield from being clear and force you to veer off of the original path.

Enjoy the process and enjoy the journey, filled with enough entrepreneurial challenges to keep you busy without needing to take a pit-stop. If you’ve got a successful route figured out, don’t look for all sorts of shortcuts. Just shut up and drive!