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It’s true; learning is rarely fun or easy. Though for small business owners, it’s absolutely essential to stay sharp on subjects such as financial fundamentals, regulations, and new technology.

Even though an owner’s level of knowledge has a direct effect on the success of their business, it’s surprising how few fail to continuously educate themselves. The fact of the matter is, if you lack any understanding on how to read financial statements or how to calculate ROI (return on investment), you need some education STAT!

Here are a few ways to keep your business knowledge sharp:


Set Goals

Keep yourself on track by establishing a plan of action before you begin. Map out where you’re starting from, what you need to learn, and when you want to learn it by.


Join a Group

Check your community for interest groups and events that are in line with the business knowledge you want to acquire or strengthen. Not only will you gain a support network but your fellow group members will help challenge and encourage you to learn new things.


Enroll in a Class

There are many opportunities for free or low-cost classes; just check your local community center or college for course listings. Additionally, many education centers offer online courses for those looking for a more flexible option.


Use Available Tools

In the same vein as online course work, there are other available forms of online education. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to educational social media accounts, websites, podcasts, and newsletters. Form a habit of reading one online article a day.


Ask for Help

There’s a lot of information to keep up with, so don’t hesitate to call in the experts when you need help. Even though you may have a firm grasp on the business fundamentals, experts can navigate you through complicated laws and compliance requirements.

At We Spark Growth, we believe that every small business owner should have access to the information they need to make good business decisions. Our team of experts can help you reduce risk and spark growth; however that doesn’t mean you should ever stop learning.

Education is power. 



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