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Last week for the WSG 90 Day Boost Your Business and Your Health Challenge, we compiled a list of healthy on-the-go recipes. This week, we’re bringing you some tips for getting exercise on-the-go. Exercise helps stimulate thoughts, ideas, and even helps you sleep better at night. With a combination of eating well and exercising you and your company will be more than ready to run the extra mile.


Everyone knows, finding time to work out can be challenging. It’s hard to feel motivated to run on a treadmill when you spend all day running a business.


Maybe you’ve tried to work out from home or motivate yourself with a $50 monthly gym membership, but nothing stuck. Maybe you’ve given up on ‘hitting the gym’ all together –and that’s OK!


The best chance you have of sticking to an exercise routine is to fit it into your schedule when and where it makes the most sense. Convenience is key; don’t try to force something you know doesn’t work for you. Just take one active step at a time. Even the slightest increase in physical activity can have a positive effect.


That’s why we pulled together a list of super simple ways to keep your day active; so you can stay healthy, energized, and on top of your busy schedule.


Without further ado, here are 12 ways to stay active –no gym required:


Bike Or Walk To Work: Getting some exercise early in the day is a great way to jump-start your motivation and metabolism.

Park Further Away: The more you can find time to squeeze in a bit more movement, the better. Check out this article from on the health benefits of walking for 30 minutes a day: 7 Incredible Results You’ll Get From Walking 30 Minutes A Day.

Always Take The Stairs: While walking is great for you, it’s refreshing to have a variety of physical movement in your repertoire. Plus, your posterior will thank you. One ticket to tone town, please!

Stand At Your Desk: Too much sitting can really harm your health –and even lead to cancer. Check out this Huffington Post article about why you should use a standing desk: The Benefits and Considerations of Using a Standing Desk.

Replace Your Office Chair With An Exercise Ball: We can’t stand all the time. For sitting periods, use one of these wacky balls to keep your muscles on their toes.

Take A Walking Lunch Break: *insert obligatory choking hazard warning*

Schedule A Walking Meeting: Get your bodies moving, your brains grooving, and your ideas improving!

Pace When You’re Brainstorming Or On The Phone: Based on what I’ve seen in Hollywood cinema, pacing may also be the key to genius breakthroughs.

Cook At Home: If you need some snack ideas to help get your creative cooking juices flowing, check out our last blog post: Healthy On-The-Go Snacks, Perfect For Any Busy Boss.

Clean Your Home: Bonus activity, a clean house can give you the excuse you need to invite your friends over for a dance party.

Go Hiking With Your Friends Instead Of Meeting Up For Coffee: If you’re looking for the best local hiking destinations, the Pioneer Press has a list of the best recommendations: Take A Hike: 9 Great Hiking Spots In The Twin Cities.

Exercise During Commercials: If you’re watching on a streaming service that doesn’t have commercials, like Netflix, exercise between episodes instead. 


Whether you stick to some of these exercise tips or come up with your own, just remember to get your body moving as much as you can. Exercise doesn’t have to contend with your busy schedule. Make your workout work for you. Perhaps there’s a gym along your commute or near your business; get a membership there. Start going to weekly yoga sessions with a friend; it’s easier to stick to a plan when another person is there to hold you accountable.


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