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From a little spark burst a flame, the beginning – Dante Alighieri

Do you ever think about the word SPARK and use it in your language or writing?  Likely not. According to Merriam Webster, this word ranks in the bottom 50% of word use.  How can this be for such a dynamic and powerful word? A word with a multitude of meanings from the scientific – an incandescent particle, especially one thrown off from a burning substance or resulting from friction – to a quality or feeling that results when ideas or seeds are planted, the spark of genius.

Maybe I spend too much time thinking about it.  I’m obsessed.  Five years ago I organized a group to work on a project that would help entrepreneurs gain access to some top notch minds – legal, marketing and finance – for a day long collaborative called ‘Spark Innovation’.

Unfortunately, greater forces intervened and we never got it off the ground. But, I have not stopped thinking about that word since. Why? Because a spark is the catalyst for just about everything!   For instance;

  • Each morning when you get in your car to drive to work, the Spark-plug begins the process of firing your engine. If your spark-plug misfires, your car won’t start. Only a replacement will help you get going again.
  • Fire revolutionized the lives of the earliest people. Without it life was harsh; filled with perils and food was boring. You can’t start a fire without the spark.
  • Then there are those moments when you are contemplating a challenge or just minding your own business and a flash of an idea pops into your brain – the Ah Ha moment hits you like a flash, ignites your imagination and brings you greater clarity.

And it was that last one that hit me like nothing ever has before.  After coaching more than a hundred business owners, it occurred to me; in order to flourish and achieve the freedom you, the business owner so desperately desire, the weeds that crowd your space, squelching your creativity and sucking the life out of you, need to be cleared.

Weeds?  Yes, business choking weeds.   You have been performing and managing tasks and people that are not core to your business – but clearly need to get done by someone.  While necessary, these tasks are the weeds, methodically seeking out to occupy even the smallest spaces in your day.

You no longer know how to be inspired – how to be an entrepreneur.

And so it is that We Spark Growth was born! I knew that if we could get rid of your weeds and burn them in a controlled way, we would make room for new life to bloom in your business and life.  Not only would you now have the ability to spark new ideas and innovation, leading to greater satisfaction with your customers and employee engagement, but also reconnect with your passion.  By outsourcing your back office, we unburden you of the general business functions that were holding your business back, perform them better than anyone and improve those processes over time as your business has room to grow.

Your inspiration is renewed.

Let our team become your