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OK.  You’ve spent that last three years building a great small business in the Twin Cities and now your rewards are beginning to show up. Why would you want to change the way you manage your business?

Don’t assume that what’s worked well in the past is going to take you into an even brighter future. It may, but unless you’re paying attention to how to improve your processes and financials, you may get caught in the all to familiar scenario of “OK, what did I miss?”

Although forecasting can seem like a daunting task, can you really afford not to do it? Consider several of these questions to get started:

  1. What opportunities or problems exist that you may not be prepared to handle? You already have a good business with quality customers and operations that likely support great customer service and growth. Ask yourself how this can be better.
  2. What happens if you lose a good customer, because of a slip in customer service, and your reputation suffers because of it?
  3. What if you find a great opportunity that you can’t act on because of personnel or financial capacity?

The old adage “Don’t Count your Chickens,” serves as a reminder to be prepared for all potential challenges that face your business, even when you’re succeeding. Partnering with We Spark Growth will help you find answers to the questions above and ensure that no entrepreneurial challenges and opportunities will go unnoticed. With guidance that will make running your business easier, more cost effective and efficient, and less risky, We Spark Growth will save you from counting your chickens before they peck your lips off!